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David's Miscellaneous BB4W Programs

Hello, and welcome to this web page. This is where you will find my latest, publicly released BB4W programs.
Most of the programs come in the form of a self-extracting executable (EXE), packaged in a ZIP folder.
Unless otherwise stated, you should always be able to run the EXE file directly from the ZIP folder, without having to extract it first. The ZIP folder may also include source code which, if you wish to run it, will require the full version of BBC BASIC for Windows, and possibly one or more third-party libraries such as GFXLIB.
You do not need BBC BASIC for Windows to be installed on your system in order to run the EXE files.


Program Description EXE Source Size Download
WaveThing3b (Added 19-Nov-2013) 2D waves with randomly positioned excitation points. A slightly modified version of this program was used in the making of this YouTube video. Yes Yes 57 KB Click here
WaveThing1 (Added 16-Nov-2013) Some weird, slightly dazzling, psychedelic wave thing. Yes Yes 56 KB Click here
Wave Tank (Added 15-Nov-2013) Simple 2D (or should that be 1D ?) water waves. Yes Yes 134 KB Click here
Cloud (Added 13-Nov-2013) Another graphical ditty originally by Jan Vibe. Yes Yes 188 KB Click here
Elastic (Added 13-Nov-2013) Some programs demonstrating elastic sheets and strings (originally by Jan Vibe, adapted for BB4W). Yes Yes 216 KB Click here
Guts (Added 13-Nov-2013) A disgusting graphical ditty originally by Jan Vibe (adapted for BB4W from the original ARM BBC BASIC version). Yes Yes 213 KB Click here
Animated fractal fern (Added 12-Nov-2013) BB4W version of Jan Vibe's ARM BBC BASIC original. Includes three versions (one with lines drawn using BASIC's LINE statement, one using GFXLIB_Line, and the other using GFXLIB_DrawAntialiasedLine2). Yes Yes 187 KB Click here
Box2D Double Pendulum (Updated 23-Feb-2013) Nothing to write home about, it's just a double pendulum! Yes No 202 KB Click here
CreateAlphaMask demos (Added 20-Feb-2013) Intended primarily for GFXLIB users, a set of demos (with source code) of PROCCreateAlphaMask() in action. The Zip folder also includes a text file on how to use it. Yes Yes 1.23 MB Click here
SEARCHBINARYDATALIB (Added 12-Feb-2013) A library program for searching for strings of bytes in binary data. It only looks for exact matches (ie. it is case-sensitive and does not support wildcards). Quite fast - 200 MB/s on my 1.83GHz Centrino Duo-based laptop. No Yes 2.22 KB Click here
ScrollText demos (Added 8-Feb-2013) Two demos of a new GFXLIB routine (GFXLIB_ScrollText) coming in the next release of GFXLIB. Yes No 377 KB Click here
Serpent (DX9 FS) (Updated 15-Feb-2013) A DirectX9 full-screen version of the Serpent demo. May be slow on some systems. Yes Yes 306 KB Click here
Box2D_prog2 Formerly titled "Angry Burds demo". It doesn't do very much, and it's certainly not a game. It's just a part of experimenting with BOX2DLIB (BB4W's Box2D library). Yes Yes 753 KB Click here
Serpent Move the serpent around with the mouse. Thanks to Phil for his “ball vectors” algorithm. Yes Yes 275 KB Click here
Nematodes (Updated 16-Feb-2013) Watch the worm-like things move around. Relies on Phil's “ball vectors” algorithm. Yes Yes 284 KB Click here
Rope Mass-spring-damper physics demo. Original FreeBASIC version by Michael "h4tt3n" Nissen. Yes Yes 72 KB Click here
Bananas Bananas falling from the sky. Uses pre-rotated bitmaps (the rotation isn't done in real-time). The banana outlines are anti-aliased. Yes Yes 195 KB Click here
Bananas 2 More bananas falling from the sky. Real-time rotation with anti-aliased banana outlines. Yes Yes 197 KB Click here
Tumbling snowflakes Snowflakes falling (and tumbling) from the sky. Uses BB4W's PLOT 85,x,y command to draw the triangles which comprise the snowflakes. Yes Yes 347 KB Click here
Snowy Very round snowflakes! Yes Yes 120 KB Click here
Snowy 1.2 More realistic snowflakes. Includes a DirectX9 full-screen version. Yes Yes 238 KB Click here
Tunnel 2 A pseudo-3D tunnel effect. Very colourful. Yes Yes 73.5 KB Click here
Viewer 2 This is actually a work-in-progress version of a now abandoned Wolfenstein 3D-style game. It doesn't do much. You just walk through some rooms and corridors. Use the arrow keys to move, and hold down the Ctrl key to walk faster. You can maximise the window for nearly full-screen display. Yes No 4.02 MB Click here
3D Tour Demo Playing with D3DLIB (a DirectX8-based Direct3D library for BB4W). Yes No 3.30 MB Click here


This page was last modified on 19th November, 2013.