GFXLIB v2.06 new additions and important changes



New graphics routines


New folders


New core PROCs and FNs defined in GFXLIB2.BBC


Changes to GFXLIB


Deprecated subroutines and functions

As of GFXLIB v2.06, the following PROCs and FNs (defined in GFXLIB2.BBC) are deprecated:

Although very unlikely to be removed in the next few releases of GFXLIB, I cannot guarantee that they will be included in future releases of GFXLIB.

The above deprecated subroutines are still available in GFXLIB v2.06, but please use the following alternative image and data loaders instead:


Compatibility with previous versions of GFXLIB

Most programs that worked with versions 2.03 to 2.05 of GFXLIB should work without modifications with v2.06.

This page was last modified on 15-Sep-2013